A19 White bulb’s “not updatable” and useless

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1 on January 9, 2018

A month back I purchased the Hue Starter kit with the Hue bridge and 2 A19 White bulbs.  I got it up and running (after some fussing as the App interface is not intuitive).

Yesterday I purchased a 4x pack of A19 White bulbs to add to the above system.  When I power on the bulbs the Hue bridge recognizes them, but I can’t seem to get past that point.  I can’t control them or add them to any of my existing rooms.

If I look in the Software Update portion of the app, I see the bulbs listed under a section titled “not updatable”!

They  list as LWB014 1.23.0_r20156 whereas my original two A19 bulbs list as LWB014 1.29.0_r21169 (which is in the up to date section).  The Philips hue bridge also shows as being in the “up to date section”.

My new bulbs are only 1-10 feet from the bridge. Whereas my original  bulbs (the ones that set up properly) are about 20-30 feet from the bridge.

I’ve tried pushing the button on the bridge to no effect.

I’ve POPO’d the bridge to no effect.

I’ve quit and restarted the IOS app on my iphone 7 to no affect.

I’ve waited 24 hours (and still nothing)

What gives?  Why don’t these bulbs update or work (other than to light manually)?  Did I get some incompatible older version of bulb that can’t be updated?


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I have this exact problem with a hue go. Does anyone have an answer.


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