Group lights to more than 1 room/Group?

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Hi switched from TRADFRI to Hue yesterday and missing one point:

I have an open kitchen to my living room.

There are 2 lights above the kitchen counter (room “kitchen”) and 3 lights in the living area (room “living”).
Both are one lamp with various bulbs. (very rough sketch below)

So light in one affects the other.
What we often do, is eating (kitchen lights on) and then watching tv. So what I want is to a) turn living room lights on and b) kitchen off with one tap in the app/ one Google Home command.

With Tradfri I could use HueEssentials to make another group “all lights” with all lights. This group then was used in the official TRADFRI-App, too. (So all lights are in 2 groups) Now I could save the “scene” TV and activate it like I said above (for all lights)

However I can’t find a option like that in Hue. Also groups I open in HueEssentials aren’t display in the official app.
It needs to go there because we use different ecosystems (Android and iOS), so the same app needs to be used)

So the question is: how to group lights in more than one group/room?

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0 on February 6, 2018

In the Philips official app, you can’t. Lights can belong to one room at a time. It is to overcome this and other limitatations that I created HueZapper. You can define “zones” instead of “rooms” and you can assign lights to multiple zones as you please. It also has a feature for lamps with several bulbs in them, where you can have those bulbs appear as one. Please take a look: The app is iOS only, though.




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