Hue Phoenix Table Lamp turns on randomly.

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I’m in the US, 110v

I’ve been using Hue down lights for a few years and have another that sits anywhere, even on the floor. I can’t remember it’s name but it’s like half a sphere. I also have Wemo brands using outlets. Those are using their own apps. No problems.

The Hue hub is cabled to my router. The only light that gives me any trouble is the Phillips Hue Phoenix table lamp. It turns on without any human intervention. I tell Alexa turn it off, it does. 5 minutes later, bing, back on again. I’ve plugged it directly into an outlet and into a power strip.

I’ve sent it to Phillips, 3 times! They sent new lamps each time. But, they got to know me & kept the last one of mine on a desk in the manager’s office. It never came on for the 2 months they had it.

Obviously it’s something in the Phoenix lamp and I guess my network here but this does not happen with any of the others.  Same house, same network all using Alexa or the Hue software app on the iPad  

Today it stayed off for more than 2 hours and I switched it off and moved it to another room. Pow! < 5 minutes it was on, then again after it was turned off.

Ghost in the machine?

there are not many if any comments on the Phoenix lamp.  

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