Is it possible to group lights in control center on iOS?

Updated on January 29, 2018 in [Apps for Philips hue]
1 on November 11, 2017

I have hue bulbs in various places, I have just put 3 into a single floor lamp – and added them to the hue app and home app on iOS 11.

Now, I have set all 3 to show in control center – but they show as individual bulbs. All of them are set up under one ‘room’.

Is it possible to group them in control center – so pushing one toggle turns all 3 on and off at the same time?


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0 on January 29, 2018

Hi, you can indeed do what you want using the Home app. Force click on one light to get to its adjustmente settings, then click “Details” in the lower right. Scroll down and you will see “Group with Other Accessories…”.

Incidentally, this is also a feature of the app that I have just released, HueZapper. It allows you to link light bulbs together, for situations exactly like yours. Please check out my app, I hope you will like it:



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