Philips hue bridge not found

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13 on March 2, 2017

I cannot connect to my bridge. In a matter of fact, my iPhone doesn’t even see the bridge. Anybody with the same issue?

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1 on March 2, 2017

Quick test – click this: – if the connection is alright you should see something like this 


If it’s not alright, it’ll show this:

Other things to consider:

  • Make sure your bridge is connected to your wifi router directly. Meaning there is no other switches in between.
  • And obviously make sure that your iPhone is connected to the same Wifi as your Hue bridge.
  • Your router also needs to support nupnp (universal plug&play).
  • To see whether your internet connection is alright, the light indicator should be on – shining. If it’s blinking, it’s not connected (or maybe plugged to the wrong device).
  • If all lights are solid (which is good), then try to ‘Forget Your Network’ from your iPhone
    • 1. Go to iPhone Settings
    • 2. Wifi
    • 3. Click i button on the right side
    • 4. Click ‘Forget this Network’
  • Restarting your Wifi router (turn it off for at least 60 seconds and then turn it back home) maybe helpful, too


on February 20, 2018

My connection seems to be alright but it’s still saying no hue bridge found

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5 on March 2, 2017
on December 5, 2017

Additional resources that may be helpful:

From admin

defently not, sine I defently don’t have three lights and it wont even react at all. no starting sequence at all

on April 16, 2018

Bought 3 philips hue white and color ambiance starter kit. None of the 3 hue bridges can connect to my iphone app. All 4 blue lights of the bridges are steady once connected to the router. Connection looks alright after testing with Please help me.

on May 21, 2018

Hard work to sign in here – what a registration process!

Wanted to share my success story in case it helps. I had no luck getting the Phillips Hue iOS application to find my Hue Bridge. This is despite all 4 of the indicator lights coming on (on the Hue Bridge) as expected. I initially tried connecting it to my Google Wifi network, and tried the Google Wifi app – which found the bridge but asked me to press the button on it – which I did – but nothing happened.

I then tried re-enabling the base station Wifi and connecting the bridge to that (and ensuring my phone was on that same network). None of this worked – the Philips Hue app got stuck searching for the bridge each time.

Next  I tried using Albedo on windows to connect to the bridge. It found the IP address of the bridge – but again requested that I push the button on the bridge. Nothing.

What did work was to factory reset the bridge (use a pin/wire to hold down the reset button on the back for 5 seconds). Then the Phillips Hue app found it immediately, as did all the other apps.

Good luck.


on May 21, 2018

Same issue – I am going for the hard-reset as bescribed above.

Question: I may have gone crazy on adding Hue components – I guess about 50 or so combined lamps, switches, dimmers, sensors, rooms and configurations. Not even counting recepies and IFTTT automations. We may be running in some limits here.

Any other experince out there?

on May 21, 2018

Hi team – Just finished the hard reset. No real succes. I did receive email confirming the factory reset. Quote:

“Your Hue Bridge has been disconnected from your account due to a factory reset.”

That’s it
Darn – a lot of money seemingly down the drain …

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1 on July 8, 2018

Still looking for a solution, I downloaded and installed the “Lamp Finder for MAC” application (, which required me to first install 414Mb of Oracle Java 10. Grmbl! Not really sure why I did this. Getting desperate. 

As all three light on the bridge are ON, and only the Hue App seems to be unable to connect ( and yes: both are on the same WiFi network, the bridge has privileged un-routed acces directly into the WiFi, the above check from Steve ( gives me the correct internal IP address, heck, when I enter the address in a browser, it seemlessly connects me to a page with technical software details, and open source license files/sites. Still – see bottom of photograph : “Connecting …” 


on July 14, 2018

Ok – solution found. But it’s radical, and you are not going to like it. When all connectivity checks above work, the only other variable is the App. I deleted the App – with all its data, and reinstalled. Then I needed to hand detect all lamps, reconnect them with the rooms. That was awkward but doable. The real pain comes with reconnecting the dimmers and the sensors. Still not quite finished. Painful experience this.

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2 on July 23, 2018

I had the same issue, all 4 lights solid ON, upnp test shown correct bridge IP even I can register my bridge to philips cloud server and also returning the bridge and got exchanged another bridge, still problem “Hue Bridge not Found” from iOS apps persist.
Then I tried the very basic network trouble shooting, ping the bridge ip (ethernet) from the wifi net and found “request time out” no matter what device I plugged into that ethernet. The culprit was the modem/router I got from ISP applies AP isolation (guest network) prohibiting connectivity from wifi to ethernet although both are on the same network and same DHCP, even worst my ISP reject to turn-off this AP isolation as they said it was because of the firmware out of their control.
So I put my own wifi router for all devices, only use ISP device as router to Internet and voila! It worked.

on August 8, 2018

Can you give some more detail as to how you solved it? The last part is a bit confusing, what do you mean by:

only use ISP device as router to Internet From emitremus

Did you get a new router and connected it directly to the modem? 

on August 8, 2018

My ISP modem comes with router/wifi capability but its LAN and Wifi segment not talking each other due to AP isolation, so yes I get new router and connect it to ISP modem, all devices now connected to my new router. Basically if you unable to ping your bridge’s IP from your other device that connected through wifi, it means AP isolation in-place.

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