Why regeister only one Hue Bridge

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I have to use 3 Hue Bridges in our House because not all Lights in the Ground-, 1-., 2.-Floor can connect to the Bridge in the Ground Floor!

So here is the Problem;

I can register only one Bridge on the “My Hue”- Account

So i have to create 3 accounts to use 3 Bridges….

Now, if i want to delete all lights of the house i have to select all bridges individually.

The same play with Google assistents…

Thanks for helping

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This has been immensely frustrating.  I had the old hue bridge withe three white/color bulbs that came with hit.  It worked fine.  But after having had two massive strokes, we are preparing the entire house for the possibility of my not being able to do much anymore.  So I (mistakenly) ordered the kit with the new bridge that is both homekit and Alexa suitable.  It came with Echo Dot.  I installed the new bridge and for the two upstairs hallway bulbs, I had to put in the serial numbers.  The third bulb, which was downstairs, is not being recognized, serial or not.  I had found the Zigbee channel change screen using the Hue app before, and changed the channels several times, but now I cannot find that screen again.  It is NOT located in the bridge screen,  I have tried several different sockets using the elusive bulb, serial 482A3D, but it still hides.  Now I’d like to find the zigbee channel changer within the app (latest ios Hue app)….I am SO frustrated.  The routers are Orbi Satellite.  I did not have an issue prior to new bridge.  Do I have to manually reset it and go through this whole thing AGAIN?

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