What Can Philips Hue Do? Learn About These 7 Cool Things Hue Can Do

Philips hue is a smart bulb that shines millions of colors and is connected to the internet. Okay, that’s cool but what can it do in real life? What about some real life use cases? How does it add value to my life? Let’s explore it now.

0. It Acts As a Normal Light, Too
Let’s start with the fact that even it can be colorful and controllable from your smartphone, it also acts just like a regular light bulb. Simply turn it on or off and that’s it. It’s got the temperature that is typical for the incandescent light bulb as default.

1. Dynamic Light
This concept is actually not new at all. This is the default lighting of the nature that we are used to. It’s just that, the dumb bulbs are giving us only the static light. This is somehow exciting since it’s bringing a little life to our homes.

Apps: Ambee, OnSwitch, Espresso, Scintillator, Lightbow

2. Party Light
This is something we are used to in clubs, discos, theaters, shows… Now you can have this at home, too. No need to wait for Christmas or no need to go to a show in town. Invite buddies to your house and have a dancing party there. All you need is the hue lights and an app that gives you the light that adjusts according to music.

Apps: hue disco, hueparty

3. Simple remote control
Want to change your lighting setting from the comfort of your couch. Now you can do that and you have multiple options for it. You can use an app for it or you can grab one of the additional philips hue hardware.

App: huemote
Hardware: hue dimmer, hue tap, flic

4. Voice Control
Philips recently integrated homekit into their platform, which means that now you can control your lights with Siri.

Apps: hue gen 2
Hardware: iPhone + hue bridge 2nd generation

5. Alarms and Timers
Wake up with the simulated sunrise or fall asleep under the night sky. You can set up your desired duration of timers and wake up alarms. It’s a totally different experience to wake up to the sunrise even at different time than the real sun rises. Totally recommend trying.

App: Sunrise and Sunset for Hue

6. Automation
When we talk about smart lighting, we cannot skip the ability to have your home automated. Set up rules for your house like. When you come home, have you lights welcome you by being turned on. Or receive a notification when you receive an important email. You can also interconnect multiple smart devices in your home, so when the Nest smoke detector detects a fire in your, all of your light bulbs turn to red color immediately. There is lots of examples here, all you need is to combine your creativity and needs.

Apps: IF, Zapier

7. Lights Synced With Your TV
Do you want to enhance experience watching a movie without going to cinema theater? Transform yourself into the scene that is currently on television — whether it’s a deep ocean or into the rain forest. Let all the room have the same lights as on TV.

Apps: ambilight+hue
Hardware: Ambilight Philips TV

Share with us what you find valuable in Philips hue in your life in the comments below.

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  • devofdevs August 12, 2016
    Nice analysis.


  • hueFan August 12, 2016
    Very good article. Short, to the point and sums up all the benefits of hue.


  • Anna August 12, 2016
    The only ones I really use - daily is the dynamic light and the TV syncying thing. This changed our home since using it. We have thousands of new colors in our home without spending hundreds on new furniture or decorations.


  • Tumuchblabla August 12, 2016
    Definitely the party shit! It makes a difference when you make a party


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