Hue App Gen 2 [Review]

Philips finally after 3.5 years released second major update of their official stock app for their Philips Hue bulbs. They call it Philips Hue App Gen 2 (iOS and Android). Let’s get right away to pros and cons compared to Philips Hue App Gen 1 (iOS and Android).


1. New User Interface

It is what anyone will notice as first thing. It finally doesn’t look like from last century. However being it a more visually attractive app than the hue gen 1, it is also important to note that it doesn’t look very native to iOS. It looks as if it was designed by an Android UI/UX designer.

gen1 icon

gen1 icon

gen2 icon

gen2 icon




gen1 Lamps


gen2 Lamps



gen1 Scenes


gen2 Scenes


gen1 Navigation


gen2 Rooms

2. Rooms

Finally, Philips needed to wait 2.5 years to realize that people will not use their bulbs only in one room. What is very surprising, though, is that even though your light groups are stored on your bridge, you have to set the rooms from scratch which messes up other 3rd party apps.

3. Brightness Control

What is really nicer and much easier is the ability to change the intensity of any light bulb or lamp, as well as ability to change brightness in any room or in all house.

4. Routines

Routines allow you to schedule when to turn the lights on. You can’t set the duration of a routine. You can save your routines.

4. Multiple Bridge Support

Finally, hue gen 2 is also designed for heavy users that have more than 50 bulbs in their home which means they have more than just one bridge.




1. Scenes from Gen 1 Gone

When you happened to have your favorite light scenes in hue app gen 1, you don’t automatically have them in gen 2. Even worse, you cannot even import them to gen 2. So, bye bye your old scenes from gen 1.

2. Massier App Structure

It is more difficult to navigate in the app. Many times you feel lost in the app. Even though the gen 1 didn’t look especially attractive, you never had an issue with being lost in the app.

3. Ability To Pick Colors from Photo Is No More

This is one of the best features of Gen 1. In a matter of fact, no other apps had this solved as elegantly as Philips did in the first app.

3. Missing iPad and Apple Watch App

So far, no word were said about it, so we are full of expectation when Philips is planning to do so. In the meanwhile, we can use the Gen 1 for iPad or Watch App.

4. Siri

Philips hue owners were truly waiting for Siri updates but none came.

What do you think of this update? Hue App Gen 2 vs. Gen 1 — Which one is the winner for you? Let Us Know in the comments.

9 Comments on this article

  • Wasup April 30, 2016
    Besides the good visuals, I don't see any added value. I prefer the hue gen 1 — There is more options for control in gen1.


  • Tumuchblabla May 2, 2016
    Nice article. Thanks. I just would like to highlight the nicest thing from this update - beautiful visual part but also the biggest flaw from this update - missing feature to select concrete color from a photo for each of my bulbs


  • Balint May 4, 2016
    Thanks for the nice review. After reading it, I don't even feel like upgrading, though.


    • admin June 10, 2016
      we are glad it was helpful.


  • Yoonus May 4, 2016
    Finally some great news from Philips. Loving the update. Still needs some work but at least, it looks like they chose a good direction.


  • techiesAreBest May 18, 2016
    hue gen 2 is superb - finally. curious what my wife will say when I install it for her tonight :)


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