bridge doesn’t find lights

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1 on August 28, 2018

i have had a bridge v1 with 14 total lights for YEARS and JUST bought a 4 light white kit with bridge v2 to upgrade. NONE, including the new lights are found by the bridge. since i reset the account trying to troubleshoot and hard reset both bridges, i don’t see ANY lights. i have never had a problem like this before. i have now a total of 18 lights, there has got to be a better way than manually entering them. many of the lights are inaccessible since they are positioned in a location i can’t easily get to anymore. this is ridiculous. i have had a lot of problems with the v1 bridge lately, hence the new upgrade and now THIS. i would have prefered keeping the old bridge, but even THAT doesn’t recognize any of my lights. please help! any suggestions?

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0 on August 28, 2018

btw, steps i have already taken:

  • hard reset old and new bridges [factory default reset]
  • uninstalled apps [on several devices]
  • hard reset modem and router [FDR]
  • deleted bridges from meethue accounts
    • unlinked bridges
  • deleted accounts
  • new accounts
  • lampfinder for mac doesn’t find any lights []
  • this link reports 2 bridges although new and clean account:
  • everything i could possibly think of

any and every bit of help would be appreciated. i would hate to think that all this money just wasted for trying to upgrade a bridge!!!


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