Can the US Philips Hue bulb and bridge be used in the Australia?

Updated on October 25, 2018 in [Hardware for Philips hue]
1 on December 3, 2017

I brought home to Australia an LED Bulb and Bridge set from the USA, only to realise the US use 110-130 Volts. Australian power outlets are 220 volts. Will I still be able to use the bulbs and the bridge?

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0 on October 24, 2018

Hi just returned from a trip and bought 3 flood bulbs model number BR30.

Firstly the lights connect well and I. An change colours and turn off using my iPhone just the same as the others 12 Aussie / UK bulbs I have on this hub.

The problem is if I turn off they immediately turn back on again within a few seconds.

Basically, I can t turn them off. Only at the switch. It’s the same with all three. I can reduce the power down to 1% but they are still on albeit very low brightness.

It’s changed the Zigbee channel change with no effect.. any other solutions or is this a compatibility isssue between USA bulbs and Australia ?

Hope you can help

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