Can’t see the wood for the trees – HELP

Updated on March 20, 2018 in [Hardware for Philips hue]
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Hi there….  I am very interested in sorting out my entire house with some sort of Hue system, starting with 2 ceiling lights for my living room.  But I have a serious WTF situation!  I mean I just cannot understand this range at all, no matter how I look at it (cough*3 months*cough).  What I need to get right now, is 2 ceiling lights for my living room, that are able to house, or come with, the Philips hue multicoloured bulbs. It needs to be a low profile ceiling light (low ceiling) and it needs to be able to use the Philips hue multcoloured bad boys. It also needs to be compatible with my future Hue development throughout the house.  Or if someone can point me to a bloody good guide on their range, that would also be helpful, I cannot see anything that makes any sense from Philips themselves and I am so lost.  Cheers. Dan.

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