Contriolling and monitoring home from away

Updated on March 12, 2019 in [Troubleshooting]
0 on March 12, 2019

I hope there’s a solution to this.

  • family has installed Hue and bridge at our florida home.  I am still in Canada.
  • they used my account to set everything up
  • they can see everything on their phone, because they set up the devices while in range of the network
  • I can see the bridge in meethue
  • but I cannot see the lights or control anything from either meethue or the hue app on my phone
  • the hue app on my phone seems to require it be in range of the wifi network at my florida place in order to connect
  • the only option I seem have in the hue app is to search for the bridge, and there is no option I see to move past this to simply say “use the one on my account xxxx”.

How do I work around this, so I can see and control the lights from my phone while in Canada?  Be pretty peeved if such a silly limitation exists requiring the phone and bridge to be on the same network to set up in the app.

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