google assistant controlling lights it shouldn’t be

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I purchased two Sony wireless speakers with Google Assistant built in (Sony LF-S50G).  I also purchased a Philips Hue Starter kit with one bridge and four bulbs.  I have one speaker in each of my two daughter’s rooms along with one bulb in each room on their main overhead light.  I want my daughters to be able to turn the lights on/off and change colors with their voice.


My problem is that while one room works perfectly, the Google Assistant in the other room is controlling the lights in both rooms.  So daughter #1 can control her room just fine, but when daughter #2 gives a command, it controls both rooms.


Things I have tried:

  • Assured the lights are assigned to one and only one room in both the Hue app and the Google Home app
  • Unlink the hue devices and relink them in the Google Home app
  • Renaming the lights and the rooms multiple times, including some obscure names that don’t sound at all alike
  • Trying all the different bulbs in the starter pack
  • Deleted my hue account and set up a new one with a new email address
  • Reset the Hue bridge to factory settings
  • Even after resetting the bridge and only setting up one light, the other light could STILL be controlled. How is that even possible?
  • Created and linked a brand new google account for the daughter that can control both rooms


The lights are controlled appropriately in the HUE app.  That is each daughter can control only her own light, but through the google assistant, one daughter controls both.


I have called Google, Philips and Sony and none of them can help.


At this point, I am ready to take the Hue’s and the speakers back and exchange them for others and start over again.


Anyone got any ideas?

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0 on January 7, 2018

Wow, that sounds really weird. I’m using Amazon Alexa, so I understand how the DEVICE and GROUP sections look on the app, but you said you tried very different names. Personally, I would try swapping the programmed groups in the assistants (keeping each Google assistant in their designated rooms) just to see if it makes a difference. If one assistant is messed up, it should still control the other room, but if the control flips rooms, then it might be the software.

Instead of taking everything back all at once, I would try replacing the assistants first…or at least the one that’s goofing up. 

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