Happy Halloween! (Apps & Ideas for the Season)

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some cool news from the Lightbow universe about our Halloween options this year, and maybe others can post their other favorite spooky apps / ideas as well. For those who haven’t seen it yet, Lightbow is an app for iPhone / iPad / Apple TV / Apple Watch that gives you the largest and most vibrant selection of dynamic lighting scenes, with hundreds of presets available for in-app purchase, combining animated light and sound to create immersive environments.

First off, our new collection this month is called “Haunted House” which consists of ten brand new presets to get you in the mood for the season. Here’s what it looks like on the iPad:

Our “Halloween” collection from last year is also available with it’s own crazy set of presets. Here’s what it looks like on the Apple TV:

My personal favorite is “Shards of Light” from the original Halloween pack, which simulates the vibe of a dark room with the occasional flicker of a swinging fluorescent lamp, accompanied by the synchronized buzzing sound and terrified, heavy breathing, like someone hiding in the corner of a dark warehouse in a horror movie! Creepy, right?

Learn more at www.lightbow.net

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