How to find out, what task is switching on my lights

Updated on July 6, 2018 in [Troubleshooting]
1 on May 26, 2018

Hi There

Every morning at 05:34 my light in the bedroom get turned on, even on weekends. Thats very annoying. I checked everthing, no custom routine no natural wake-up lights. In the gear icon, the advanced tab my home position is set. And in the routine under that setting “sunrise and sunset” is set both to 0 minutes.There is no option to disable. Is that causing my problem? Or how can I find out, what is triggering this lights?

Thanks in advance.



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0 on July 6, 2018

Sorry to see there has been no response to this as I am having a similar problem. Every evening at Sunset a scene is triggered even though there is nothing in my app indicating that it should be. Since there is no routine triggering the scene there is no way for me to turn the trigger off, so I am stuck with these lights coming on every evening.

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