How to remove a hue bridge from hue account / google home

Updated on March 7, 2019 in [Apps for Philips hue]
1 on February 25, 2018

Hello !

I think I made some sort of mistake on my hue bridge instal and I am not sure on how to make it right…

My mom and I got the same starter kit, and I got a google home also… I installed her starter kit (with her phone)… And I also connected my google home to see how it was working (google home was installed with my google account… and there starts the mistake !)

Today, I installed my hue started kit at my apartment… With the hue app, no issue, I can make it work properly. Although, when I went on the google home app to connect the hue bridge to the google home, it keeps telling me it’s connected to my mom’s one. I can dissociate the account, but as soon as I add it back, it remains my mom’s…

So I logged on the hue website to see if I could fix something there, and now on my hue account I can see her lights and not mine… I have looked everywhere to delete that hue bridge of hers but I did not find a way…

OK I know it’s a little bit of a mess, but does anyone know how I could change it all and associate her stuff to her google account and my stuff to mine???

Thanks a LOT in advance for your help


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0 on March 7, 2019

Anyone have an answer for this?

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