Hue 2 with jiawen zigbee rgb controller ?

Updated on June 8, 2018 in [Other Smart LED Brands]
0 on June 8, 2018


I’ve a Hue 2 bridge with a few official hue bulbs connected, everything works flawlessly.

I’ve recently bought a JIAWEN RGBW led strip , just like this one : 

All the notes / comment seems to say they are compatible with Hue bridge. However, I can’t pair it with my bridge. I tried to reset the jiawen controller, change zigbee channel from hue app, etc etc … none helped.

One thing is that I bought the US version, while I’m in EU (and so bought the Hue bridge in EU).

May there be any incompatibility between both ? (frequencies ? ) 

Has anyone such controller ? 

Thanks for the help 🙂


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