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Hue app wants to “update” Apple Home every time I manually correct Home’s settings | Philips Hue Site

Hue app wants to “update” Apple Home every time I manually correct Home’s settings

Updated on December 30, 2018 in [Apps for Philips hue]
1 on December 30, 2018

In Apple Home, I have managed my room names, bulb names, and room to bulb associations. I have everything set perfectly in Apple Home.

After making changes in Apple Home, whenever I (or someone else on the network) open the Hue app, it shows an orange “!” and CLAIMS the Apple Home settings are outdated, which is a totally inaccurate and misleading description (which matters in just a moment)

If you click Update, what it does is erase the latest Apple Home settings, and replaces them with the older Hue settings. There’s no way for this to intelligently determine WHICH settings are newer, and import those settings as needed.  


Worse, the “Update” is presented as an orange “!” which continually invites users to press it. Which destroys the bulb:room pairing I created in Apple Home. (This is tragic because it’s way easier to reassign bulbs in rooms using Apple Home than it is in Hue).







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0 on December 30, 2018

OK I did not “solve” this, but I worked around it by deleting my room and bulb association in Hue. Then I re-set that up. Then I let Hue “update” Apple Home with this new information.

I just need to remember not to make any configuration changes in Apple Home, since apparently that workflow isn’t working 100% correctly..

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