Hue Lights Will not delete from Amazon Alexa

Updated on June 27, 2019 in [Troubleshooting]
0 on June 27, 2019

I have been reworking my smart home set up and wanted to become more particular with what I use or don’t with Alexa.
For some time I have been running the Hue skill inside Alexa. I wanted to clear out the list of available devices from Alexa ‘smart-home’ devices and go a different route with them. So I proceeded to remove the Alexa skill for Hue. However, the devices remained. I then tried to delete each of the lights and sensors, only to find after I did a rescan, ALL of the devices come back, despite the deletion of the skill.
It would appear that my Hue and Alexa are permanently tied together now, despite removing the skill from Alexa. I would like to find a way to remove the ‘link’ between Alexa and Hue, so I can start with a fresh clean slate in Alexa. Does anyone know how I could go about doing this?

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