Hue wannahave?

Updated on December 16, 2017 in [Wishlist & Ideas]
0 on December 16, 2017

Perhaps there is allready a thread. But i have Some things i like to see added or changed.
First the shape of the bulbs. Why candle in small fitting and pearshape in large fitting? Why no realbulb shape and or added de small round bulb.
Second i have a lot of Philips lichting which came with bulbs and de light it self these are all. Diffently shaped ‘long’ led spots so de small spots cant fit
Thirdly perhaps smart Wall sockets. I want light to be used by hand with a swith but also with the app but if i add a bulb and someone Flips the switch the bulbs dont react
Fourth fitting converters so Some other lights can be switched on like outdoor lighting which i have from Philips as well but is has small tubes instead of a screw fitting

and yes i have elgato smart sockets for other lighting but have invested in Philips designer lights just 2 years ago and besides buying new bulbs they dont fit and of they fit i have to but new lighting which is wrong i guess

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