Lighstrip 1m extension in A+ but the 2m adapter in A only

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Hi everybody,

I bought 3 2m boxes and 24 boxes of 1m lightrip extensions on Amazon in september 2017.

I had a surprise, all of this stuff was in “A” energetic class expect one 1m extension boxe, exactly the same box, same product code, but its energetic class was “A+”, and it had more lumens (which is the real point here).

So i figured i received old and new products, and i asked to replace all the “A” products.

I received the same ones (“A”), so i asked to be refund and i tried another website (lumitronix).

This time, i received 23 boxes of 1m extensions in “A+”, but the 3 boxes of 2m extensions still in “A”, so i returned the 3 2m boxes…

Since this time, i look/wait for it in physical stores, it’s been 6 months now, it’s hard to think Philips Hue made that mistake of selling 1m extensions (things that need to be plug to the 2m starter) in “A+” but the 2m only in “A”, and that situation still the same since at least 6 months and they still don’t have it fixed…

When i called them, the guy on the phone didn’t understand anything, when i asked them on Twitter, they told me they didn’t know about it and the will report that.

I asked for news some months late on Twitter, and no information…

I don’t find anything on the internet, i can’t be the only one to have noticed that, so is there anybody having some news about it? Does someone have ever see these 2m boxes in “A+”?

That’s really weird, looks like there are also issues with the GU10 bulbs, i ordered 11 ones on Amazon, they say they sell “A+”, and the send you “A” bulbs, weird…

Thanks !


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