light bulb activation issues

Updated on March 9, 2018 in [Troubleshooting]
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Hello All,

I have just purchased the Philips hue starter pack along with the Google home mini. I set up the three bulbs (2 in living room and 1 by front door) however i decided to move one of the living room bulbs to the top of the stairs. Now i believe i have rearranged them all via both the Hue app and the Google app……however, google will turn on the living room and the front door but not the landing light, unless you ask it to turn them ALL on then the landing light is activated.

Now the landing light does have two switched (upstairs and down stairs) so i dont know it this is an issue but this there a reason for this, Has anyone come across this if so how was it corrected (if at all)


Any suggestions would be helpfull


Many thanks


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