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Looking for Hue Bridge compatible outlet | Philips Hue Site

Looking for Hue Bridge compatible outlet

Updated on December 3, 2018 in [Other Smart Home Products]
1 on November 23, 2018

I’m interested in a smart plug that can be controlled with the Hue Bridge/app.

I’ve got a few bulbs working off the bridge so far on schedule. I’m interested in a plug that the bridge can schedule for turning on other items.

From what I’ve seen Sylvania Smart+ doesn’t work with it anymore. Apparently the original does work but can’t seem to find that anywhere. I’ve also seen ZigBee units like Centralite Smart Outlet Mini, Samsung F-Out-US-2 Smart Things, Securifi Peanut Smart Plug. Do these work?

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0 on December 3, 2018

I’d really like to know, too. I purchased one of the Sylvania LIGHTIFY plugs (model 72922) and it works great with my Hue. The LIGHTIFY plugs use the ZigBee Lightlink (LL) protocol. I bought what I thought were three more of the same plugs, but they were the new SMART+ version (which is model 72922-A, which most websites don’t show even though this is what they’re selling). The new version uses the ZigBee Home Automation (HA) protocol, which unfortunately, the Hue Bridge does not currently support.

I wanted to use the new plugs to control my the lights on my Christmas tree as well as my yard and deck lights. I don’t really see any currently available Hue-compatible plugs. I’m looking at other bridges that will support the HA protocol and/or plugs that don’t require a hub at all. Grrr.

I sincerely home Hue expands their firmware functionality to include ZigBee HA protocol support; it’ll strengthen the desirability for customers/potential customers to use the Hue as their smart home ecosystem, for all the customers that don’t want to have more than one hub/bridge or a bunch of different apps to control each specific brand of devices. That’d just be a mess.

Philips, you have an opportunity here. Please seize it.

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