Need Help & Advice On Ideal Set Up

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I’m currently remodeling part of my apartment and I’m very keen to do a Phillips Hue installation,

The Rooms:

Cinema/Living Room
( Lenght 5M X Width 4.5M )

I was initially considering putting 10 spot lights across the ceiling.

After reading a lot on the web it seem the spotlights are not that bright and I’ve heard people write that A19 would be a better option. My question is has anyone tried a similar set up and what are the benefits.
My main concern is that A19 in ceiling wont be as aesthetically pleasing as the spotlight but then again the benefits of the A19 over the spotlights might make go over with them.

( Lenght, 3M  width 2M )

Here again I’m considering 3 Spotlight lights brightness are not that big of a concern but blues and greens are ( for the ultimate shower experience ūüėõ ) So again A19 might be a better option ….

Bedroom/Reading Room:
( 5M X 5M )

I have two ceiling output for lamps and will probably go with a mixed set up of in ceiling and lamps all over the room.

Please share your toughs  on the ideal set up,

I might post some picture here later once the set up is done for others to see and get inspired

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