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Philips Hue Light strip connection | Philips Hue Site

Philips Hue Light strip connection

Updated on February 8, 2019 in [Hardware for Philips hue]
2 on December 29, 2018

So if I wanted to put my Philips hue light strip connected to the same power cord or even connect my light strips/ extensions together but also have areas where no light is shown how can i do that if Philips hue doesn’t produce a 6pin extension cable like you could find for a 4pin cable etc please let me know if anyone found a way around this please.

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1 on January 7, 2019

Hi Joeltalics,

What i did was go with 2 light strips i got one going to the end of the first point then started a new strip at the other end of the area with no lights. i know its not the best or cheapest option but it works and looks so much better then lights in areas where you don’t want them.

on January 7, 2019

I just found this on Amazon not sure if this would work for you https://www.amazon.com/Extension-Cable-Philips-Lightstrip-White/dp/B01M7XDZ5V/



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