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Power out – all lights on | Philips Hue Site

Power out – all lights on

Updated on February 1, 2019 in [Hardware for Philips hue]
2 on January 31, 2019

I came home to find that all my Hue lights were on.  Apparently there was a power fluctuation or short outage.  I would think that all lights should be in the same state after power is restored as they were before the outage. Anybody have experience with this? Thanks

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1 on February 1, 2019

In most current update version of the bulbs your are able to define the state after power outage (on, off and last state). Go config – Power on behaviour.

on February 1, 2019

Chris, say you are on vacation. Its late evening and lights are on – the power goes off, then back on when daylight.  If you use last state, then the lights will be on during the day.  Will your vacation scene resume working or will the lights be on continously?

Thanks Rich

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