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Updated on August 14, 2018 in [Apps for Philips hue]
2 on July 28, 2018

hi is it possible to use different remotes in the hue hub

this i am missing 

i want to replace more lights but do want to also use some remotes 

problem is hue has only single remotes for 1 lamp or group

i have in my living room 4 groups with the hue remotes i can only set 1 so i need fore remotes only for the living room verry confusing when they are all the same .

the trust remote would be better as i can ad more groups but to ad them its not easy and dousnt work in the hub correctly 

is there an other way to do this i see phillips dous not offer remotes like this 

i dont want the whole house full of remotes that is just anoying 

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1 on August 14, 2018

Simplest suggestion is to have fewer “rooms”.
The remotes are able to handle up to 2 “rooms”.

on August 14, 2018

By “Room” I am of course referring to “Groups”. Not physical rooms.

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