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The app is awful for automation and things should be fixed! | Philips Hue Site

The app is awful for automation and things should be fixed!

Updated on December 5, 2018 in [Wishlist & Ideas]
1 on December 4, 2018

I love the ecosystem, controlling lights when I’m away, changing colors, etc. There are some great features to Hue. But there is such a lack of simple automation within the Hue app that makes it awful. I want the ability to automate, not have to drag my phone around whenever I need to do something manually because the app won’t. A light switch is far easier to use then the app! Examples are:

  1. I just got home. I have my lights turn on automatically for me, but I have to go into the app to turn them off! Why can’t an arrive home routine include a timer to automatically turn the lights off again (or make additional adjustments)? 
  2. Why does a timer have to be at least 5 minutes? What if I want the lights to gradually dim for 2 minutes to 50%, and then minute 3, turn off? Or, what if I want the lights to dim over 30 seconds? Where are the options in timers for you know, actual time? Why can’t a routine start a timer? 
  3. Again with routines, why is it based solely off Sunset, Sunrise, or at a specific time? 
  4. Why can’t I setup/ create a scene that changes the light colors over a time? For example, creating a holiday routine that changes 2 lights to green and then 2 lights to red, every ten minutes? (or every 10 seconds?) 

As I wrote earlier, I love the ecosystem, but there is very very little automation that is possible through Hue. And it’s something that they should fix. I also understand not wanting to get too complicated, maybe an advanced user interface or standard? But none of this should be that hard. 

If I am mistaken about any of this functionality being available already, within the app, I apologize in advance. 

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0 on December 5, 2018

This whole Web interface is bullshit. I have a routine set for 15:30 to switch off at 2230
It no longer works and having switched it on manually it then switched off at 2100

This hasn’t worked in ages

I deleted it and reset it. Didn’t fix it

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