Understanding the Outdoor Sensor

Updated on May 16, 2019 in [Troubleshooting]
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(This is my first post here. Sorry for the formatting. How do you add whitespace?)

I just received an outdoor sensor, and I find the configuration and operation a little confusing. I’m looking for some insight…

For testing I have this sensor attached to one room with one bulb.

I have defined a sunset routine that turns the light on to an intermediate brightness at sunset, and off at sunrise. I want the motion sensor to turn the light on bright for a few minutes, and then back to what it was, but only between sunset and sunrise.

I have this *sort of* working. The settings for the sensor define day and night by a specific range of hours, not sunset and sunrise. Whatever values I put in there won’t work all year. It will require tweaking from time to time. Am I missing something here?

Should I simply let the sunset routine handle day and night, and configure the sensor to behave the same for both day and night according to its definition?

Alternatively, I would be happy to simply define day and night by the daylight sensor, turning the light off when daylight is sensed, and on when it isn’t. And then separately configure the motion behavior. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do that. Right?

One more thing: when motion is first detected the light is quite bright, and then after 20 seconds it drops to a somewhat dimmer setting. It then stays there until there is no motion when it goes back to what it had been before motion. (That is with the motion timeout set to one minute.) I see no mention of this behavior anywhere, or any way to configure it.

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