Using 1 Dimmer to control multiple Rooms

Updated on December 21, 2018 in [Hardware for Philips hue]
3 on August 14, 2018

I have 1 Dimmer which is positioned in between 2 rooms.
It seems the standard function of pressing “any” button, is to affect both rooms.
I would like to know if it is possible to program “off” for the lights independently of each other?
That is to say (for example):
1 press = Room 1 to set (whatever) – leaving room 2 off
2 press = Room 2 to set (whatever) – leaving room 1 off
Off = both Off
Any ideas?
Is what I want too complex?

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2 on August 14, 2018

After some playing – I have come to “some” solution.
I have created a “Scene” that replicates an “off” state (i.e. 1% brightness).
This MAY be what I need. I have yet to use it in practlce…

on December 21, 2018

So did I and it works.

on December 21, 2018

There is also an OFF option.

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