Using Hue with Goggle Assistant (Android Device)

Updated on March 20, 2018 in [Apps for Philips hue]
0 on March 20, 2018

I am trying to use my Samsung8 (Android 8) to control the Hue bulbs.
Bridge is the first generation. To control the lamps via the Hue App works just fine.
Also I have linked the myhue account to my google assistant.
I can find all lamps in the assistant Setup.
Also when I command to turn on the lights the assistant confirms. Just nothing happens…
Is there something wrong with my Setup or do I actually need a Goggle Home speaker??
Everytime I Search for Hue and google Voice i only find stuff where the Speaker is also part of the Setup.

Is there someone who is controlling hue with voice commands butwithout speaker?

Best and Thanks

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