Viability of Adding a Second Hub

Updated on November 16, 2018 in [Hardware for Philips hue]
0 on November 16, 2018

Does anyone have experience with adding a second hub? e.g., how practical / workable this is as a solution?

I have 43 lights, 5 switches, and 2 motion sensors currently set up in my home and although everything works fine right now, I’m pushing the edge of the capabilities of a single hub. I would need to add about this many more lights / sensors if I want to complete my lighting / automation project throughout my home.

I’ve read that a second hub has to be managed completely separately (e.g., via a separate hue app with separate login). That doesn’t seem very practical to me. Are there any good solutions for this? Is Hue planning to expand the capabilities of a single hub or offer some way to have multiple hubs work together from the same account?

Is anyone else having these issues?

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