Wire 2 control boxes to 1 transformer?

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I have made hanging lamps with Hue Gen2 lighting strips inserted.  4 x 1 m strip facing down plus 2 x .7 m strip facing up (to bounce of ceiling).  So, that’s 5.4m (18 foot) total per hanging lamp.

I want to hide the transforming in a corner by the light switch to avoid big, bulk transformer near light.  I have option to run the ‘post-transformer’ cable (e.g. stepped down to 24V or whatever) through the conduit to the hanging lamp.  The 24V cable would then be connected to the control box(es)

Within the hanging lamp I would like to control the 2 up facing strips separately from 4 down facing strips.

Could I wire the two control boxes to the single 24V cable which is coming from the transformer (located o other side of room).

Would there be any strange / excessive load on the transformer by wiring to 2  control boxes?  The length of combined strips are well within range of a single strip…

Of course, this requires cracking open the control box(es) to wire in the 24V cable and finding a suitable cable to run through the conduit to transformer.  But that’s all doable…

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