Zigbee products to Philips Hue and Apple HomeKit

Updated on April 12, 2019 in [Wishlist & Ideas]
0 on April 12, 2019

I know that Philips Hue being a Zigbee based system does allow other Zigbee products to be connected to the Philips Hue bridge. However I am also given the impression that most if not all none official products connect this way are not then made visible to Apple HomeKit.


I was wondering if there are any exceptions to this. Is it a simple block ban or do certain types of devices getting allowed and shown to Apple HomeKit?


I am wanting to include a Zigbee micro module that would be located in the ceiling and would control the light in a bathroom. This module besides being connected to a GU10 type light would also be connected to a momentary pull cord switch. The Zigbee module I am considering supports Zigbee HA, Zigbee LL and also is Zigbee 3.0. I believe Philips Hue supports both Zigbee LL and 3.0. (Zigbee 3.0 is backwards compatible with Zigbee LL.)


The goal is to have a HomeKit compatible light and pull cord switch.


Note: It is a UK requirement to use pull cord switches in a bathroom.


It would be possible to instead have a Hue bulb and a Hue wireless switch or dimmer but I would prefer a solution that uses a pull cord as this is more familiar to UK people.

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